Nicola Lynch Morrin


My work has its origins in where I am – my surroundings, my garden. I work in a close-up realist mode often characterized by meticulous attention to detail. Savouring my subject matter I try to reveal the beauty and fascination of the ordinary and present each image as a jewel to be treasured. Despite an adherence to realism I hope my work reaches beyond superficial appearances to imply hidden narratives which provides the work with a super-real edge. Some of my more recent work explores the tensions between light and dark being particularly sensitive to the subtleties of light and the qualities of reflection.

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Blaze 1
Oil on canvas 55cm x 76cm   ..
Blue reflection
Blue reflection nicola lynch morrin oil on canvas 31x27 inches ..
Honeysuckle Nicola Lynch Morrin Oil on canvas ..
Poppy 1
Poppy 1 nicola lynch morrin oil on canvas L36 x W29 ..
poppy 2
Poppy 2 Nicola Lynch Morrin Oil on canvas L36 x W29 centimeters.  ..
The Iris
Oil on canvas 45cm x 45cm framed ..
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